Turkey Escape - Walkthrough

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Turkey Escape - Walkthrough (By Ebru)

take the turkey.

take the stone from the wooden trough.

click on the bucket. get the hook.

take the rope on the wall.

take the iron ball on the corner.

move the trap door and take the pulley.

click on the dust pan and click on the nail with the stone.

get the nail.

there is a wire hanging from the roof.

click the wire with the pulley.

then click with the rope to the pulley.

then put the hook on the rope.

put the wooden log under the rope with the hook.

there is a wooden shelf on the right wall.

click it with the nail first.

then hit the stone to the nail.

take the wooden plank.

put the wooden plank on the wooden log.

click on the pulley several times to move the hook to the box.

the box will come on the wooden plank.

click on the box to see the device we made closer.

put the iron ball to the other side of the device.

click on the end of the rope to break the window.

put the turkey on the device this time and click again on the end of the rope.

you saved the turkey.


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