Christmas Gift Escape - Walkthrough

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Christmas Gift Escape - Walkthrough

click on the door and get the right torch.

move the bags and get the key behind.

click on the bookshelf and click on the bottom last book and get the pipe inside.

click on the 3rd shelf 2nd part of the bookshelf and see the code "100 north pole"

open the table drawer with the key and get a pen.

enter the code on the chest and get the pink envelope.

click on the envelope and write something on the postcard with the pen.

put the envelope back in the chest

click on the door and open the door with the pipe.

use torch to light up the new room.

it will make a fire on the fireplace.

get the small candy stick behind the cross above the fireplace.

click on the santa clause costume and get the big candy stick.

click on the bag and get the purple present.

click on the tree and get the decorations: star, blue ball, and one more which seems spiral) there are 3 tree decorations on the tree can be get.

click on the big candy stick and get the rocket shape from the bottom of the stick.

combine the spiral look decoration with the blue ball decoration.

go to the cupboard and click on the right door with the decoration you made

get the pink ball.

click the left side of the fireplace.

move the stones on the wall and get the cap.

click the right side of the fireplace and get the key behind the moving stone on the wall.

click on the cupboard and open the left lock with the key.

get the locker box.

click on the purple present you have and get the last decoration in it.

put 6 decorations on the locker box.

go to the bookshelf and click the 2nd shelf's last book.

see the symbols .

move the places of the locker box according to the book.

get the key and escape the room.

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  1. Awesome room-escape-game(though I wish it were longer).

    I hope it's easy cause one of these days I'd love to create my own browser-based online games.

    By the way, thanks for the walkthrough.

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