winter - walkthrough

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winter - walkthrough

get the shovel on the ground.

get the purple hat.

get the pink paper in the hat.

get the orange paper in the skates.

get the rope in front of the house.

get the green toy under the first rabbit.

click on the owl with the toy and get the pink envelope.

click on the stump with the rope.

get the knife.

cut the envelope with the knife and get the blue paper.

click on the right side of the house and use shovel on the snow ground.

get the fishing rod.

click on the blue point on the frozen lake with the fishing rod.

a box will appear.

write "snow" on the box.

open the box and get the flute.

do to the tree screen and click on the spot with the flute.

get the triangle thing.

give it to the fox and get the energy ball.

give the ball to the snowman and get the red key.

click on the door of the house with the key.

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